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Process, projects and management

Malther Consulting is a quality-oriented consulting company founded in 2004, run by three experienced consultants and drawing on a number of affiliates.

We provide consultancy services in relation to processes, projects and management. Typically in the shape of:

  • process optimization
  • facilitation
  • change management
  • evaluation processes


We believe in being at level with the people we work with. To us it means that:

  • we always base our solutions on dialogue
  • we create solutions to fit the specific situation or challenge
  • we integrate theory and practise
  • we respect people, their differences and similarities

We are inspired by many things, but in particular:

  • systemic and social constructionist thinking
  • agile thinking and LEAN
  • appreciative and situational leadership
  • quality assurance and CMMI                                                                                    




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