Here you can read about Malther Consultings work changing the meeting culture at dnp.

Improved meetings and meeting culture

On average, we spend 20% of our working time in meetings, many of which are ineffective, unstructured and poorly managed.

Imagine that your organisation's meetings were efficient, stimulating and energizing?

An undesirable meeting culture is most often deeply rooted in the organisation, and may be difficult for individuals to change. Sending a couple of managers on a facilitation course is often not enough to create sustainable change.

In our experience, a process that not only trains meeting facilitators, but involves the whole organisation by developing a shared vision and creating debate and ownership in the whole organisation, is the best way to create a culture of efficient and engaged meetings.

A snapshot of the meeting culture

To gain insight into the correlation between organisational culture and meeting culture, we start by creating a snapshot of the meeting culture. A process which involves members of the organisation and helps spark a debate and involvement in improving meeting culture.

Activities may include:

  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Seminars
  • Developing a shared code of meetings

Training programme for facilitators

Starting from the snapshot analysis of the organization's current meeting culture, we create a training programme and change process that targets the specific challenges. Focus will be on:

  • Meeting facilitation techniques
  • Developing new meeting formats
  • Energy and atmosphere at meetings

Participants in the training programme learn how to prepare, facilitate and follow up on meetings. The programme alternates between traditional teaching and practical exercises. The process trains both meeting facilitators and co-pilots. Co-pilots support the facilitator at large or complex meetings. Participants in the training programme are selected across the organization among managers and employees who, in their daily work, function as meeting facilitators. The participants will then serve as change agents in the organisation, spreading their skills and knowledge throughout the organization.

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